Weight Management

I am sure you have been here, you’ve done amazing, but you just have that last 10lbs to go and you will be at your target, the weight you’ve dreamed about being for years. But you just can’t shift those last 10lbs and you are becoming disheartened, you tell yourself, I have worked so hard and I stuck to the program religiously, what is going on? Why can’t I shift this last lot of weight? You are now in the supermarket walking by things that you have been avoiding for months. Things that you have stayed away from because it was worth it, the weight was melting away and you felt amazing but now you are feeling down, you really want that bottle of wine and you think if I am no longer losing weight I might as well. You pick it up and think what the hell, I’ll get a little treat to go with it. You put the wine to chill in the fridge for later. It’s now time, it’s been a long day and that chilled wine is calling to you from the fridge, you open a big bag of your favourite crisps to start with, the wine is poured, and the first mouthful tastes like pure heaven and when you pick up that first crisp (chip) and put it in your mouth, you feel a rush over your whole body. You feel like you’ve never felt before, which of course is nonsense, but it’s an addictive rush and before you know it, you are doing it over and over with many other treats. At first you don’t notice the first few pounds coming back or your clothes becoming tighter but then you get to a point where you just don’t care. Before you know it you are right back to where you started.

You are now full of remorse and those treats no longer taste like they did the first time you put them in your mouth. You are back to feeling miserable, and you can’t fit into those lovely clothes treated yourself to.

So here we are AGAIN! Time to start over.

What if this was no longer the case, what if you were able to change your mindset and were able to think about things differently? What if instead of what you are putting into your body being the catalyst of failure, you changed the way you think about things, would you consider this lifestyle change if it meant you are now happy, healthy and your target weight?

All of this is achievable and with therapy we can work together to make this possible for you.

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