As I am sure many women know, Menopause awareness is a big thing at the moment and so many women are looking for ways to help themselves. There are various avenues to be explored and different treatments on offer as not everyone wants to turn to HRT as a first remedy. A couple of years ago I thought I was going through peri menopause, I tried various things, supplements, acupuncture, exercise, healthy diet and fasting, all of which will have contributed to a healthy lifestyle which of course does help. Since I used hypnotherapy on myself everything has changed and I now ask myself the question, was I really going through peri menopause? Because it genuinely worked, and I now have zero symptoms. When I say to people, I used hypnotherapy on myself, they think I am mad and imagine that I am sitting at home swinging a pendant in front of myself or something strange. Which of course is hysterical. No, self hypnosis is not me sitting at home swinging a pendant in front of my face or looking into a mirror saying look into my eyes. It is an alternative treatment and the question I am now being asked is… Does Hypnotherapy work for menopause? The answer is YES! It really does.

Recently I have been working with a client who has been suffering and I really do mean suffering for years with symptoms of menopause. When she sent me a message the other day to tell me how much things have improved for her, my heart sang with joy, not just because I knew this already but because my client is no longer suffering. She is using the tools I have taught her, and she is telling me the benefits that she is experiencing herself. It is not ethical for me to say you will experience this or this because each experience is individual to the client. Her improvements have gone beyond my expectations and I can’t express how happy this makes me. When clients come to me and they are genuinely suffering, we talk through what changes they would like to experience, and we work together to achieve these. My client has used HRT, tried various supplements and alternative medicines to no avail. She is now messaging me daily with improvements in the way she is feeling. She is also using the tools that I have taught her to manage her symptoms. When she notices things are about to happen to her (as women will understand this from experience), she can now use her toolbox to help herself. We are only one week in and if she continues with this treatment, we both believe that she will continue to feel improvements. Using hypnotherapy is bringing her life back and she is relaxed and confident after just one session. We will work together for around 6 sessions in order to alleviate all her symptoms as she wants to feel like her old self again. If she continues with hypnotherapy for the 6 sessions and doing her homework, there is no reason why she can’t achieve this goal. This is amazing news for people who are looking for an alternative treatment for themselves.

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