What is procrastination? It’s the art of making excuses. What does this mean? Well, do you ever have things to do, even if they are important things and you know that they really need to be done, yet you find yourself finding everything else to do and before you know it, the deadline has arrived, and you are now extremely anxious and you get annoyed and upset with yourself as you know you put yourself in the situation. Do you find you’re doing this more often than not? This is what is known as procrastinating. It’s a thing and for those who live this way it can cause them a lot of stress in their lives. They may not even be aware they are doing it to themselves as to them it’s just a normal way of being. The definition for procrastination is: ‘the action of delaying or postponing something’. This may not seem like something that big but in life, we need to do things and that is a fact. If we are the type of person who makes excuses and avoids doing things, we will soon find that things get on top of us and we end up in situations that feel like they have engulfed our lives. Does this have to be? Why are some people natural get up and go people and some people live in a constant state of avoidance? The answer to this question does not actually have to be answered, the question that needs to be answered is, do you want to do something about it? Do you want to stop causing unnecessary stress in your life? Then here is the good news, welcome to hypnotherapy, amongst the many things that hypnotherapy is used for Procrastination is one of the most popular.

Procrastination is more common than you may think. Children avoid homework, people avoid doing their taxes or avoid paperwork, these are not big issues, until they are… and if you do this more often than not things will get out of hand. Often, we make any excuse to avoid doing things we don’t like, do you ever hear people saying I needed to do that, but I find that it’s the end of the day and I don’t know where the time went? I have heard people say this many times over the years. Or they sit around moaning about having to do things that never actually get done but if they stopped sitting around moaning about what needs to be done, and did the jobs, this would create less stress for them. It’s not always as easy as that. Procrastination is a real issue and needs to be dealt with. If this is your issue, then it’s time to do something about it. Relax, help is at hand! Hypnotherapy has a high success rate for this behaviour.

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